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Rollepaal Service

As the pioneering inventors of PVC extrusion equipment and PVC extrusion line automation, we commit to the comprehensive maintenance, overhaul, upgrade, and repair of all Rollepaal units we deliver.

Our extensive global service network, combined with our skilled service engineers ensure prompt assistance and support. With service hubs located in Asia, Europe, and the United States, we guarantee that we are always within reach. Our dedication goes beyond mere extrusion line maintenance; we strive to optimize your extrusion lines' efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to the highest standards.

Being responsible for designing all the machines and units in-house, including detailed aspects such as processing, hardware, electrical, electronic, and software components, we possess the unique ability to repair or upgrade your equipment. In an era where electronic components quickly become obsolete or unavailable, Rollepaal remains fully capable of addressing these challenges and ensuring the functionality of every delivered unit.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to designing and manufacturing individual mechanical components for the machines we supply. This craftsmanship and know-how enable us to not only promptly deliver the necessary spare or replacement parts but also to provide comprehensive technical training to support the proper operation of our extrusion equipment.