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Our History

Since its founding in the 1960s Rollepaal has had an eventful history. For many years Rollepaal was part of Europe’s biggest pipe producer, giving the company the chance to learn all about pipe manufacturing from the customer’s point of view.

Origin of our name

Our name Rollepaal originates from the industrial estate of the same name, where Rollepaal is located. Originally a rollepaal or rolpaal (literally ‘roll post’) was a stationary post that was used for boats being pulled in inland navigation. A person or horse towed the boat with a rope to guide it safely along the canals. These posts were located at spots where the canal made a turn. By keeping the rope strained around the post, the boat was able to make the turn without bumping into the side of the towpath.


Here is a chronology of significant events and milestones in Rollepaal's history. 

These milestones highlight Rollepaal's continuous growth, technological advancements, global expansion, and strategic partnerships throughout its history. As an industry leader, Rollepaal remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and delivering exceptional value to its customers in the pipe extrusion technology field.