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Multilayer die heads

The revolutionary idea behind Rollepaal’s multilayer die heads technology is the symmetrical branching of the melt to feed the layers, guaranteeing the best possible layer distribution.

Multilayer die heads

The layer distribution is independent of melt viscosity, as there is no need for a melt flow restrictor gap with different lengths around the die circumference for correction. The design features a symmetrical split of short, round channels in each disc, preventing the melt from clogging the die head.

Depending on the application and formulation, the RMD die head is provided with either single or double compression tooling. The die head, with modular design, includes Smart Tool Change and Smart Centring. The easily accessible, short, round distribution channels make cleaning, when necessary, an easy task.

Features and benefits

  • The die support with hydraulic levelling system and the specially designed cleaning tools make cleaning the die a quick process, keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Excellent skin distribution to maximise material savings
  • Skin-core ratio: best performance in the market
  • Outer and inner skin ratio adjustable even with double extruder set-up
  • Suitable for foam core and solid wall Foaming K57 + K67 pipe grade virgin and 100% recycled material
  • Foaming with addition of minimal processing aid
  • 2 and 3-layer version
  • Application of thin coating of PVC and PO
  • Round branched holes, easy to disassemble for quick cleaning
  • Special tooling design for optimal foam layer quality

For more details download the product sheet here