Tuesday October 3 2023

Brett Martin Ltd Visited Rollepaal

We are pleased to announce the successful inspection of a sophisticated production line in Dedemsvaart, recently sold to our esteemed customer, Brett Martin Ltd, during the K-Show.

This advanced multi-layer line equipped with a dual extruder setup and an extensive cooling length of 21 meters ensures optimal productivity and durability for our valued customer.

To further enhance the capabilities of the system, we have integrated a specialized Rollepaal Direct Mixing unit, allowing for the direct addition of CaCO3 on top of the extruder. This innovative feature streamlines the production process and ensures precise material composition. As part of the system, a robust haul-off unit and the precision-oriented RCM 8 saw have been seamlessly incorporated to deliver exceptional cutting accuracy and material handling.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage for their continued trust in Rollepaal's expertise and product offerings. We are honored to have provided them with a cutting-edge production line that meets their specific requirements, contributing to their success in the industry.