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Triple the Lifespan of Screws with Rollepaal's Triple Coating Technology

13 December 2023


At Rollepaal, we deliver triple coated screws, designed to deliver unmatched performance and longevity compared to the traditional nitride coated screws. Our specially formulated triple coating on high strength tool steel offers up to three times the life of ordinary screws, making a significant contribution to superior service and reduction in your operational costs. 

Why Choose Rollepaal Triple Coated Screws?

Our triple coating technology has been implemented with a key focus on the following features:

Tripled Lifespan

Offers a tri-fold increase in the service life of the extruder screws, maximizing efficiency and reliability.


Significantly lowers the extruder screw operating costs by up to a half, providing substantial cost savings without compromising on performance. 

Enhanced Protection

Ensures outstanding resilience against corrosive chemical attacks, ensuring robust performance across diverse conditions.

Surface coating/treatment is a current approach to mitigating wear by modifying frictional behavior in interfacial sliding. By applying thermal-chemical treatments to ferrous materials, we've been able to enhance wear resistance by 2–7 fold.

Benefits of Rollepaal Triple Coatings:

  • Superior Chemical Resistance: Offers heightened resistance to oxidation and various chemical attacks, such as those from Hydrochloric acid. 
  • Tailor-made Material Combinations for Enhanced Lifespan: The high melting point of the triple coating's outermost layer hinders the occurrence of interfacial welding during sliding, making it one of the top coating materials for severe wear resistance. 
  • No PVC Melt Sticking: Guarantees zero sticking of PVC melt on the coated surface, even under challenging melt conditions. 
  • Reduced Lubricants Requirement: Provision of a boundary lubrication effect allows us to reduce our customers' dry-blend cost by 1-2% by minimizing the quantity of external lubricants in their formulations. 

Engineered for enduring performance, Rollepaal's triple coated screws bring a significant boost in resilience and cost-efficiency in your operations. Contact us and invest in technology that directly adds value!

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