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The most effective way to control raw material usage, is to monitor the quantity of raw material through a feeder.

Our Feeders ensure extremely accurate dosing

  • Maximum control, efficiency and savings through continuous loss-in-weight measuring
  • Calibrating the dosages and adjusting automatically
  • Can easily be adjusted to a multi-component system, in order to dose up to six additives at the same time
  • The software is completely integrated in the central controls
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean
  • Stable in color additives


  • Rollepaal Direct Mixing (RDM): is the next step in processing, PVC resin with the necessary additives can be mixed directly on top of the extruder, without the need for a mixing plant.
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  • Rollepaal Direct Addition (RDA): this unit is mounted on the extruder for constant dosing of hard to handle materials in an industrial environment.
  • Rollepaal Gravimetric Systems (RGS): control the flow of material to ensure a stable extruder output regardless of fluctuations in bulk density.
  • The RGSF: a single screw feeder designed for free-flowing materials such as granuals and prills
  • The RGDF 4: a self-wiping double screw feeder designed for dosing non free-flowing sticky powders
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