Rollepaal RBlue

The leader in PVC-O Technology

Rollepaal has 17 years experience delivering PVC-O production lines worldwide. Our patented RBlue technology delivers the highest quality pipe with the lowest possible production costs.

World Leading Performance

  • Highest Output | With line speeds up to 300 m/h and outputs up to 700 kg/h, one RBlue line can replace 1900 kg/h of UPVC production or 2000 kg/h PE100 production.
  • Lowest Overweight | With 5% overweight RBlue is the lowest in the industry.
  • Lowest Scrap Rate | RBLue is a continuous process and therefore only produces scrap during startup and shutdown, whereas batch production of PVC-O pipe produces scrap continuously throughout the process.

Highest Quality Pipes

RBlue lines come in two basic configurations based on pipe diameter: 110mm to 400mm and 315mm to 670mm. Both lines are capable of producing 10-25 Bar pipe in Material Class 315 to 500. Rblue’s bi-axial stretching technology produces pipes that exceed the requirements in ISO 16422, AWWA C909 or other equivalent PVC-O standards. Additionally, RBlue’s bi-axial stretching will be enable you to deliver best-in-class socket quality and any pipe length required by your customers.

Lowest Production Costs

RBlue PVC-O reduces material consumption up to 64% compared to UPVC pressure pipe. Every RBlue line is equipped with wall thickness scanning technology that operates in conjunction with gravimetric material feeding to automatically reduce overweight without any operator interference. Together with low scrap rates and continuous production, the result is the lowest possible cost per meter.

If you want to know more about our RBlue PVC-O lines reach out to us or send an email to our global RBlue sales manager.

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