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The new generation, RHO 24 2+2T haul-off, is in Rollepaal’s product range

Rollepaal haul-offs are used in continuous pipe extrusion. They are designed to safely transport thermoplastic pipes through the entire extrusion line. Hence, this machine continuously pulls the pipe in the extrusion process ensuring a constant speed during the complete production process. This prevents damage to the pipe surface and ensures consistent quality and meter weight even at high production speeds.

Accordingly, one might wonder what would make RHO 24 2+2T unique? How does this state-of-the-art haul off carry out its mission? RHO 24 2+2
RHO 24 2+2T haul off has a high pulling force with a maximum pulling force of 25 metric tonnes, which makes it ideal for the startup of PVC-O production and other large pipe productions (up to 750 mm). Moreover, when the production line is running this haul off is able to run continuously with a pulling force of up to 20 metric tonnes and convert to a four-track haul off. This allows the haul off to generate a high pulling force while also maintaining a round pipe.

RHO 24-2+2T
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