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RPflow supports ‘Wereldlichtjesdag’ and ‘Fonds Stimulans’

Every year, RPflow makes a donation to a charity organization to contribute to important research or to support a specific good cause that is in need of help. Last year the donation went to the ‘Lock me up’ campaign from the Free a Girl foundation. This year we decided to support two different charities.


The first charity we support is ‘Wereldlichtjesdag Ommen’. In 2018, ‘Wereldlichtjesdag Ommen’ is being held for the second time, and will now be organized every year on the second Sunday of December. During this day, candles are lit all around the world at 7 PM in memory of deceased children. Wereldlichtjesdag helps parents who have lost their beloved children to grief together and reflect on their loss.

The second charity we will make a donation to this year is ‘Fonds Stimulans’. This foundation aims to make funds available to promote research in the service of people suffering from Multiple Myeloma (Kahler's disease) or Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (WM). With this donation we are hoping to contribute in making it possible to do more research on this terrible disease.

For more information about the two charities please visit their websites (Dutch only):

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