Tuesday February 22 2022

Rollepaal is contributing to a better world

Adopting Rollepaal’s Multilayer technology pipe producers are able to produce with recycled plastic.

The global consciousness regarding the polluting aspect of plastics is increasing. United Nations member states will meet end of this month in order to draft the first-ever global agreement to tackle plastic pollution. More than 50 countries, including all 27 members of the European Union, are calling for the pact to include measures targeting plastic production. Meanwhile, other parties such as the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is opposing the potential production caps on plastic claiming that if restrictions were enacted the global inequality would worsen , for instance due to less access to clean water in the developing world . Whereas, plastic makers want U.N. delegates to focus instead on waste collection and recycling. In fact, according to the 2017 study published in Science Advances only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled.

At Rollepaal we have a mission to enable clean water and sanitation for everyone through supplying innovative pipe extrusion technology. It would be against our mission to increase the global inequality due to less plastic pipes. Therefore, we have chosen the path to empower our partners with technology for sustainable production, by enabling them either to produce with recycled material or to produce the same amount of pipes with less plastic usage.

Using Rollepaal’s Multilayer technology, partners are increasing the known, earlier mentioned, 9% of recycled plastic. This technology is based on the principle of possible three layers, with a middle layer of foam composed of 100% recycled materials. It is important to mention that the quality of production is secured with the symmetrical branching of the melt feeding the layers because symmetry in melt feed guarantees the best layer distribution. Among many benefits of Rollepaal Multilayer die heads are the excellent skin distribution to maximize material savings, the best performance in skin-core ratio, the adjustable outer- and inner skin ratio, the thin coating application PVC. Briefly said, with this technology pipe producers can save up to 35% virgin material, hence 35% less plastic. This way, we at Rollepaal fulfil our promise to contribute actively not only to the success of our customers but also to a better environment.

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