Tuesday December 8 2020

Increasing efficency of production with Rollepaal's cool neck calibration sleeve

Want to increase your efficiency in producing PVC pipes? We give you our cost saving solution: the Cool neck calibration sleeve.

The contact temperature melt-calibrator is important; the heat transfer of the calibrator should be high. It lowers the stretching of the melt in the calibration sleeve, a condition for a low heat reversion. At high linear speeds the friction of the melt must be low and stable, certainly in circumference, or the wall distribution will be affected. These issues have been reduced by the Cool-Neck type calibrator from Rollepaal.


  • Increase the line speed by 10 till 20%
  • Reproducible production, no water adjustments
  • Fits in most Vacuum baths
  • Minimum investment to reduce the cost per meter pipe