Rollepaal is part of RPflow, an internationally active group consisting of four specialist companies operating in different markets. Besides Rollepaal, RPflow consists of the companies Romit, Ramix and Hoppmann.

Romit is a full service supplier of components, subassemblies and complete products for customers in different markets. For the supply of specific parts, assemblies, and high-alloy metal parts, Romit is the best partner you can imagine.

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Ramix Injection Moulds delivers first class solutions for premium pipe fittings and pipe related products. The company combines well over 60 years of experience with the latest developments on the construction of moulds. This means that the customers always receive an excellent performing mould according the latest standards.

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Hoppmann is a leading international supplier of high-quality automation technology, with centrifugal feeding systems at the heart of every solution. The solutions are used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, food, cosmetics, household & body care. Hoppmann is a market leader in the field of feeding technology with centrifugal feeders in Europe.

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